Impact of uncontrolled waste dumpsite towards environment

Uncontrolled waste dumpsites present following impacts towards environment: * Impregnation of soil and groundwater with contaminated liquids (waste leaching); * Contaminated waters are then contaminating vegetation […]

Sanitation of existing landfills

P&P offers you complete solutions for the sanitation / rehabilitation of the waste dumpsites. With our technology EcoRoll®, we are sealing existing waste into balls. Advantages: […]

Highlights of the National Fact Sheet


REVERSE®: Treatment of Industrial non-hazardous Waste – Recycling and production of RDF

The treatment of inert and industrial non-hazardous waste in the REVERSE technology line includes the following activities: I. Fractional separation of size> 300 mm; II. Fractional […]

North Macedonia – Waste Prevention Fact Sheet – November 2017

Waste prevention objectives of the program Primary intention: to overcome the unacceptable environmental situation with regard to impacts of improper waste management on air, water, soil […]
Ministry Environment Physical Planning

Publication from the Ministry of Environment for the usage of alternative fuel

Користењето на алтернативни извори на енергија има клучна улога во намалувањето на емисиите на CO2 кој во големи количини се испушта во атмосферата при користење на […]

1 kg municipal waste / hab / day in Macedonia

Everybody is generating waste. Municipal waste: 1 kg / day in North Macedonia Industrial Non-hazardous waste: 5100 ton / day Source of information: Waste Management Strategy […]

Everybody is generated waste. Then, what do we do?

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