The company

Our company

P&P Industries is a North Macedonian company. We are an engineering company with a strong experience in recycling, energy recovery, alternative energy and controlled landfills.

P&P Industries is member of the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia.


P&P Eco Fund

Private foundation

P&P Industries operates in total transparency
Starting from projecting phases until operational and post-operational phases.
We will need engineering skills at our installation (laboratory, environment, programer, mechanical and electrical engineers)
Our expertise will be useful for local actors for a better environment and a new dynamism.

Create and support

P&P Eco Fund will create and support useful and ecological projects for Negotino.

This will lead to higher awareness about the waste-generation, selection, collection, treatment, recycling, disposal.

Educate and motivate

P&P Eco Fund will educate and motivate the community on modern waste management solutions in Negotino.

This will result with close and long-term relationship with the citizens of Negotino, based on mutual trust and transparency.