Sorting and Valorizing

1st controlled landfill for non-hazardous industrial waste

Producing RDF - Energy from Waste

Mechanical separation of wood, plastic, textile, paper.
Production of pellets from sorted material

Controlled landfill

Minimizing the landfilled quantities

Alignment with EU and National Regulations

Energy Recovery
Minimizing the landfilled quantities

Ways of protecting
the environment

Valorizing waste to produce alternative fuel. Decreasing the usage of limited resources such as petroleum products and coal.

Valorizing energy fraction means decreasing quantities of landfilled waste.

Providing controlled fuel for heating (rather than un-controlled heating sources);

Local generated energy;

First Controlled Landfill for Non-Hazardous industrial waste in North Macedonia;

Promoting and Educating the environmental awareness of our Municipality;


Waste is generated every day

Too often, this waste is dumped within the countryside, potentially polluting soils and water.

Too often, industrial waste is mixed with municipal waste.

Too often, plastic or tyres is burnt in uncontrolled locations, generating toxic air compounds such as dioxins and furans

Better for the Environment to dispose waste into a controlled location.

We need TOGETHER to face the reality

Do we want to continue dumping waste in an uncontrolled manner into our countryside?

Re-using waste = circular economy

Secondary material produced locally instead of import