Assessment of the chapters for access to EU – Chapter 27 for environment with one of the worst score!

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The environment is evaluated for the EU commission as one of the less ready segment for the negotiation for the accession of Macedonia into EU.

Last days was released the “North Macedonia 2019 Report” from EU Commission. This document presents the assessment of the EU Commission for all chapters of the Acquis (the Bases of Europe).

The Chapter 27, about the environment, is with the lowest rank. In the diplomatic jargon of Europe, it is transferred as “the country is at some level of preparation“. But practically, in daily language, this means that the country is far to be ready for the environment part in order to enter into EU!


5.27 Chapter 27: Environment and climate change
The EU promotes strong climate action, sustainable development and protection of the environment. EU law contains provisions addressing climate change, water and air quality, waste management, nature protection, industrial pollution, chemicals, noise
and civil protection.
The country is at some level of preparation in this area. Limited progress has been achieved in further aligning policies and legislations with the acquis in the water, nature protection and waste sectors. Implementation and enforcement are lagging behind. In the coming year the country should in particular:
* implement air quality improvement measures by ensuring efficient coordination between central and local authorities, and the allocation of sufficient financial resources;
* implement the adopted regional waste management plans and establish an integrated regional waste management system;
* implement the Paris Agreement by developing a comprehensive strategy on climate-related action, consistent with the EU 2030 framework and start the process of developing a National Energy and Climate Plan, in line with Energy Community obligation.


For the waste management, the report is stating that:
The regional waste management structures face a lack of administrative and financial resources and are still not fully operational. The integrated waste management system is still delayed as setting up the regional structures took longer than expected. Economic incentives to promote recycling are still limited and the lack of an organised extended producer responsibility scheme is hindering the market.

We have together a lot of to do.

Source: EU Commission Report