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99.7% waste in North Macedonia disposed of in landfill
Assessment of the chapters for access to EU – Chapter 27 for environment with one of the worst score!
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Benin, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Pakistan, Uruguay, Yemen, Indonesia, Uganda, Guinea, India, Congo, Dem. Rep., Niger, Tunisia, Papua New Guinea, Togo, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mozambique.
What all above countries have in common? Un-developed countries? No, all these countries are making better than Macedonia for recycling the waste.

In Macedonia, according the World Bank Group, the recycling is 0.18% of the total waste. The country is ranked 124 for the % waste recycling (0.18%).
This gives us room to improve. With the improvement of the waste management will improve together the protection of the environment and the health of everybody.