I regret that the import of waste is prohibited, we could have used them as fuel

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Part of the interview of Ms. Jadranka Ivanova

What is your opinion on alternative fuel or waste energy? Do you believe that this could be used in our country as well?

Ivanova: As a country, in accordance with our and the EU legislation, we need to provide conditions that will allow waste to be used to the maximum. I regret that a decision has been made to ban the import of waste, which can be used as an alternative fuel or energy without any consequences for the environment and human health. The circular economy, which is now a trend and obligation in the EU, requires that there be a smooth movement of waste for its processing and utilization, which contributes to the protection of natural resources. We have good regulations on how waste can be recycled and used, and it needs to be respected. I assume that the citizens are afraid that we do not have a good enough administration that can monitor and control the use of waste, ie its treatment. But I don’t think that should be the basis for a decision. If the citizens do not trust the administration regarding the implementation of the laws, then it should be a sign for the Government, and for the MoEPP, to take urgent measures to strengthen the capacities of the administration in this area, not only in increasing it as a number but also , much more, in increasing expert knowledge and ability. Personally, in 2000 in Osaka, Japan, I witnessed the installation of municipal waste incineration located in an urban settlement, 100 meters from the first residential buildings. The only remark of the residents was the noise from the trucks that were supplying waste and asked it to start no earlier than 6.30 in the morning and to be done by 11 o’clock in the evening. From this installation, thermal energy was provided for the entire settlement and beyond, and its inhabitants, due to the proximity, had a much higher water temperature, which resulted in lower bills for them.
I believe that we should use the smallest opportunity to use the waste, to involve the private sector wherever possible, while at the same time we must build the capacity of the administration that should control the whole process. After all, we are not rich enough to just throw away the trash.


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