Balling the waste

Jadranka Ivanova: Waste Management will be our best challenge in EU talks
99.7% waste in North Macedonia disposed of in landfill
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At P&P Industries, we are convinced that balling the waste is a good and quick solution.

– Immediate solution for the waste treatment until regional landfills are in function;
– Immediate improvement for the protection of the human health and of the environment;
– Properly treating of the municipal solid waste with plastic and metal selection;
– In the same time, possible gradual treatment of the old dumpsites;
– 1 ball = 1 ton, decreasing volume from 3:1 for collected municipal waste;
– Sealed, no leaching, no odor, no vapor, no burning, no animal;
– Flexible operations: The unit could adapt quickly its operations following the needs (from 3 to 20h)

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